Need To Know

Day 23. Forty people died in Israeli strikes across Gaza Wednesday, including 16 killed when shells hit a UN school, sending the Palestinian toll from 23 days of fighting over 1,270. Five rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel on Wednesday, with no one hit. Hamas has said it won't stop firing rockets until the blockade in Gaza is lifted. Israel has said it won't stop airstrikes until Hamas has been dealt a crippling blow and its underground tunnels destroyed. They might need another week to do that, experts speculate. Stay informed with our liveblog

Want To Know

Night at the races. In an empty lot ringed by old tires, on the edge of Baghdad's Jadriya neighborhood, hundreds of young Iraqi men gather to watch souped up cars intentionally spin out and skid: a dangerous sport called “drifting.” As the security situation in the rest of Iraq deteriorates and Sunni militants eye the capital, young Iraqis say they just show up to drive. Check out these photos.

Moral compass. When Indian Navneet Verma got an order from the US for sodium thiopental, he says he had no idea what they wanted it for. “I knew it was going to a prison but I did not know why.” What Verma was unaware of was that sodium thiopental was the top choice among three drugs commonly used in lethal injections for death row prisoners in the US. It wasn't long after he learned the truth that he decided to stop sending the drug to the US — a move that has made it more difficult to carry out executions. “I had to make a choice between losing business or losing my conscience," he said. "I chose the former.”

Strange But True

Ha! "Where are our girls, who slightly blush, lower their heads and turn their eyes away when we look at their face, becoming the symbol of chastity?" asked Bülent Arınç, Turkey's deputy prime minister. What can we say? Some people miss the past. Turkey's female population is not among them. In response to Arınç's extremely offensive remarks, women in Turkey have taken to the internet. They are posting photos of themselves laughing in public, including the hashtag #direnkahkaha, which means to resist and laugh.